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Tagalog Mass held in Tokyo

Do you know that in Tokyo there are churches where Tagalog Mass? 

According to the Catholic Church Archdiocese of TOKYO, there are four churches that hold Tagalog mass around the vicinity of Tokyo. Many Filipinos attend Tagalog Mass, so you can interact with Filipinos living in Japan as well.

The four churches and the time of mass is below.

KIYOSE churchKiyose City, TokyoEvery 3rd Sunday4 PM
KOIWA churchEdogawa-ku, TokyoEvery 2nd Sunday1:30 PM
TOYOSHIKI churchNagareyama City, ChibaEvery 3rd Sunday3 PM
MATSUDO churchMatsudo City, ChibaEvery 4th Sunday3 PM

For more info click the church name.

By Akihiro Sawada/ Staff Writer