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Visa-free Countries for Filipinos

With the Obon holidays coming up, many Japanese will be going back to their hometowns or traveling overseas. Since they have one of the strongest passports in the world, it’s no surprise that they can pretty much go to any country they like at short notice.

However, in Filipinos’ case, it’s completely different. The Philippine passport is not quite that strong, and will need a visa to enter many countries even if just for tourism. This means a longer planning period is required so there will be enough time to apply and get approval for a visa.

There still are countries that Filipinos can enter visa-free. What’s available is not as diverse as the ones available for Japanese. But Filipinos can visit 67 countries without having to apply for a visa, according to the 2019 Henley Passport Index.

For example, in Asia, you can visit the following 15 countries,

• Brunei – 14 days
• Cambodia – 21 days
• Hong Kong – 14 days
• Indonesia – 30 days
• Israel – 90 days
• Laos – 30 days
• Macau – 30 days
• Malaysia – 30 days
• Mongolia – 21 days
• Myanmar – 14 days
• Palestinian Territory
• Singapore – 30 days
• Taiwan – 14 days (until July 31, 2020)
• Thailand – 30 days
• Vietnam – 21 days

The Obon holidays is not very long, only about a week , so it might be best to visit somewhere close. Taiwan might be a good idea especially since they recently just extend their visa-free trial period until July 2020.

By Starr Gimotea/ Staff Writer