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Hiyashi Chuka Hajimemashita! Chilled Ramen for Summer

Do you love ramen but just can’t stand to eat it during the summer season?
Are you looking for filling food that would be refreshing for the heat?

Japan has a great answer for this! Try Hiyashi Chuka (literally “chilled Chinese”)! It’s served with chilled ramen and soup so there’s no worry about sweating through a hot bowl of ramen. The noodles usually also come with chilled vegetables, egg, and ham so you’re in for a very filling treat.

Hiyashi Chuka is available in many ramen restaurants. For this article, we decided to go to Hidakaya, a popular ramen chain. If you just order the ramen, it would only cost \550, but for \760 you can have a set meal that incudes gyoza or fried rice. I picked the set meal with sesame based soup and the order came in ice-cold.

So how was it? I’m personally not a fan of cold food that is not dessert but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. It was very hot on the day I had this ramen. I also had been outside under the sun for a couple of hours so this dish was very refreshing. The cucumbers in the noodles were a little strange for me but they helped make the noodles even more refreshing. I also hate soggy/soft noodles so since the dish was cold, the noodles stayed firm throughout the meal.

All in all, it was a pretty good experience, and I definitely try hiyashi chuka again another time.

By Starr Gimotea/ Staff Writer