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Somen: Cool Noodles for Summer

If you’re in the search for food to cool you off during the summer time, your nearest 7-11 just might have a fix for you. Somen is a type of Japanese noodles typically eaten during summer. The noodles are made of wheat and the dough was stretched enough to create thin strips.

In 7-11, you can get a serving for somen for only \356. Not bad if you’re in the mood for something light for lunch or dinner. As in most convenience store noodles, the noodles are separated from the dipping sauce (tsuyu). Once you’ve transferred the tsuyu to the allotted container, you can enjoy your noodles by dipping into the sauce and digging in.

The dipping sauce is very light in flavor, mainly based from dashi, ginger, and spring onions. Perfect if you’re not looking for food that’s heavy on the palate.

It is also served cold which makes it a great food for summer. You may also want to eat somen during colder months, in which case, it will be served hot and will be called nyujmen.

By Starr Gimotea/ Staff Writer