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Philippine Christmas Festival

The biggest Philippine Festival this year will be coming to Yoyogi! This festival, previously known as “Barrio Fiesta”, promises to be Japan’s biggest event of the year. Taking place in Yoyogi Park (used to be in Hibiya), the Philippine Embassy supported festival will feature domestic entertainers/performers as well as those flown in from the Philippines. Given the large Filipino population in the Kanto area this is sure to be a huge event.

There are a variety of performances on the main stage with the announcements made in a mix of English and Tagalog to a largely Filipino audience. At the other end of the event area you’ll find a long strip of restaurants selling traditional Filipino cuisines like adobo, kare-kare and the infamous San Miguel Beer.

When : November 30, 2019 (Saturday) – December 1, 2019 (Sunday)
Admission : Free
Time : 9:00am – 5:00pm
Where : Yoyogi Park  代々木公園野外ステージ

2-2-3 Jinnan Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0041, Japan
Website : http://philippinefestival.jp/

By Monica Tamayao/ Staff Writer