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KATANA MOBILE Monthly fee 4,280 JPY(excl.tax)/month
No contract
Student visa OK!
Short term OK!!
Easy payment
Konbini payment.
Credit card or bank account
NOT required
Filipino support
Online Tagalog or
English Consultation

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One difficulty when you start living in Japan is Internet. Japan's major carriers require a credit card to get a contract which many Filipinos don't have. It is also difficult to get credit card in Japan.

So what's the most convenient way to get Internet? That's KATANA MOBILE. It does not need credit or debit cards, just provide your address and you can get your bill.

KATANA MOBILE is a prepaid-style high-speed mobile Internet service using Softbank lines. You can enjoy up to 50MB a month. Let's get started! Have a happy Internet Life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avail?
Starting a contract is very simple. Just send us a photo of a document showing your address on Facebook Messenger. We would need your address to send you a postcard bill.
Please tell me the flow of application.
There are only 3 steps. First, please apply through our website. We will ship you a postcard with a barcode for convenience store payments.
Secondly, please bring the postcard/payment form to a convenience store and pay the bill. One we have confirmed the payment, we will send the SIM card to your address. You will have to be present to sign for the package when it arrives.
Thirdly please set the APN(Access point name) after you receive the SIM card. You can use immediately after the set up is completed!
How much do I need to pay monthly?
Usage fee is 4,280 JPY monthly excluding tax. Your prorated fee on the starting month of the subscription is free of charge. For the first application, you need a contract fee of 3,000 JPY per line monthly fee for the next month.
How many gigabyte can I use?
You can use up to 50MB a month. If you use over 50MB internet speed is slow down.
Can I use sim card to call?
The sim is only for internet. However, with the 050 application you can have a phone number. You can also call.

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