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  • Is there a possibility of big earth quake in Tokyo near future?


It is said that within the next 30 years, there will be a 70% possibility of earthquake to happen with a magnitude of 7. It may be somewhere in Tokyo.

If it happens, buildings might collapse, it might cause fire, water and electricity outage and other damages might happen.

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  • What should I do if earthquake occurs?


Read the manual below provided by Tokyo.

You can study what to do and what not to do. Also, you can know about torrential rain, lightning, eruption and terrorism. It covers almost all disasters that might happen.

*Tokyo disaster prevention

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  • Is there anything to prepare for an earthquake?


After a big earthquake, life-lines like electricity, gas and water will stop. You better keep drinking water and food in your house. Recommended amount of supply should be good for 1 week but the least would be for 3 days.

*Reference: stockpile to survive ( per person )
Drinking water: 3 days( 1 day 1 person 3L )
Emergency food:3 days 、Rice(Alpha)、Biscuits、Choco bars、canned bread…
Others:Toilet tissues、Tissues・matches 、candles・gas cartridge stove

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  • Where should I evacuate after earthquake?


You can check the evacuation places near you on Tokyo disaster prevention map.

On the website below, you can also know the route to the place from your house or office (school). It is recommended to check the route to the nearest evacuation center.

*Tokyo Metropolitan Disaster Prevention Map

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  • What should I bring with me to the evacuation place?


If it a big earthquake, it will take time for relief supplies to arrive. It is recommended to prepare these materials in a backpack.

Please see below.

Reference: materials prepared for emergency ( per person )
□ Drinking water
□ Food ( cup noodles, caned food, biscuits, choco bars…)
□ Valuables ( bank notes, hanko, cash, Health insurance card, passport, Alien Registration card)
□ First aid kit ( Band-Aids, bandages, antiseptic solution, alcohol, medicines…)
□ Helmet or hood for disaster prevention
□ Mask
□ Work gloves
□ Flashlight
□ Clothing
□ Under wears
□ Blanket, towels
□ Portable Radio with extra batteries
□ Charger (power bank) for cellphone
□ Disposable heat packs
□ Wet tissues
□ Toiletries
□ Portable toilets