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Basic requirements for VISA

1. Specified Skilled Worker(i):
・Completed Technical Intern TrainingⅡ
・Confirmed by Exams including Japanese skill test

2. Trainee:
・Over 18 years old.
・Expecting to acquire technology skills/knowledge and not simple work

3. Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services:
・ Obtaining Bachelor, License or Associate degree or more specializing in the field of Social Science, Natural Science, or Humanities

Highly skilled professional visa

Working visa

  • Professor (Examples: university professor, assistant professor, assistant, etc.)
  • Artist (Examples: composers, songwriters, artists, sculptors, craftspeople, photographers, etc.)
  • Religious activities (Examples: religious people such as monks, bishops, missionaries, etc.)
  • Journalist (Examples: newspaper journalists, magazine journalists, editors, news cameramen, announcers, etc.)
  • Business manager (Examples: company presidents, directors, etc.)
  • Legal/Accounting services (Examples: attorneys, judicial scriveners, public accountants, tax accountants, etc. certified in Japan)
  • Medical services (Examples: physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, etc. certified in Japan)
  • Researcher (Examples: researchers, investigators, etc. at research institutes, etc.)
  • Instructor (Examples: teachers, etc. at elementary schools, intermediate schools and high schools)
  • Engineer/Specialist in humanities/International services (Examples: scientific engineers, IT engineers, foreign language teachers, interpreters, copywriters, designers, etc.)
  • Intra-company transferee (Examples: people transferred to the Japanese branch (head office of the same company, etc.)
  • Nursing care (Example: certified care worker)
  • Entertainer (Examples: musicians, actors, singers, dancers, sportspeople, models, etc.)
  • Skilled labor (Examples: chefs specializing in the food of a foreign country, animal trainers, pilots, sports trainers, sommeliers, etc.)
  • Specified skilled worker (Work-ready foreign nationals who possess certain expertise and skills in certain industrial fields.)
  • Technical intern training (Examples: Technical intern)

General visa

  • Cultural activities (Examples: unpaid internships, people studying the tea ceremony or Japanese flower arranging, etc.)
  • Student (Examples: college students, pre-college students, etc.)
  • Training (Examples: trainees in a local government, etc.)
  • Dependent (Family stays) (Examples: The spouse and children of a foreign national with working visa, etc.)

Specified visa

  • Spouse or child of Japanese national (Examples: spouse of a Japanese national, biological child of a Japanese national)
  • Spouse of permanent resident (Examples: spouse of a permanent resident)
  • Long-term resident (Examples: persons with Japanese ancestry, Indochinese refugee settlers, the spouse or children of Japanese nationals left behind in China, etc.)
  • Designated activities (Examples: foreign nationals who wish to enter Japan as personal help privately employed by diplomats, etc., foreign nationals who wish to enter Japan for a working holiday or for paid internships, candidate nurses and care workers who wish to enter Japan based on an EPA, etc.)
  • Designated activities (Long Stay for sightseeing and recreation)

Start-up visa

  • Start-up (Entrepreneur supported by municipalities in Japan and the spouse or children of the entrepreneur.)

Diplomatic visa

  • Diplomat (Examples: diplomatic agents, diplomatic couriers, etc.)

Official visa

  • Official (Examples: administrative and technical staffs of diplomatic missions and members of the service staff, etc.)

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