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“Registered Support Organization” is an institution that received an entrustment from “Organization of affiliation of the Specified Skilled Worker” (“Accepting Organization”) which is a company that employs “Specified Skilled Worker“, and provides support based on the support plan for “Specified Skilled Worker” created by its company.

Registered Support Organization must be registered with the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

It will also implement support for Specified Skilled Worker by a consignment contract with “Organization of affiliation of the specified skilled worker” (“Accepting Organization”) and based on the support plan which made by it.

What to Study For
The Agriculture Skill Assessment
Test(ASAT) In Crop Farming?

First of all, ASAT is designed to measure abilities to work in certain areas in the Specified Skilled Worker (i) (SSW) status of residence in Japan. We will explain and share details about ASAT in crop farming.

How to work as SSW in Crop Farming

Here are 3 things you will need to pass:
*Either you live in Japan or overseas, these requirements still apply.

  • 1

    Skills Proficiency Test (ASAT)

  • 2

    Japanese Language Test
    (Included in the ASAT)

  • 3

    Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese or JLPT N4 or higher
    *Those who have passed Technical Intern
    Training (ii) are exempt from this

Test Structure

ASAT is computer-based testing, and in crop farming, test time is 60mins with 70 questions.

There are 3 parts:

  • 1

    Japanese Language Abilities

  • 2

    Crop Farming: Academic Examinations

  • 3

    Crop farming: Practical Skills Examinations

More information about the test structure: (English)

Exam Pass Rates

If you are curious about pass rates, here is the data from January 2020 through March 2021.

Countries Number of
Test Taker
Pass Rate
Japan 996 817 82%
Philippines 40 35 87.5%
Indonesia 2146 2003 93.3%
Thailand 70 48 68.6%
Myanmar 84 83 98.8%
Nepal 26 25 96.2%

As you can see, pass rates in crop farming is high so don’t worry about failing. If you study well, you can pass! If by any means you fail, you can always retake the exam.

Where to get the Learning Text?

Visit website here to download reviewer;

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