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Go! Ame: A Useful Rain Forecast App

With summer slowly giving way to Autumn, the typhoon season is starting. Because of this, the weather is getting harder and harder to predict. I would usually check my phone’s weather app before leav...


Getting Your Balik Manggagawa OEC from POLO

If you’ve been in Japan for a while, you might have thought at least once of going home for a short vacation. However, did you know that it’s not as simple as getting a two-way plane ticket? As the...


What is a Commuter Pass?

If you’re planning to stay in Japan for a long time whether for work or study, it would be very useful for you to learn about the teiki or commuter pass. The teiki definitely makes it more convenien...


Balikbayan Boxes

It has become a part of OFW culture to send boxes of goods to family back home. So-called balikbayan boxes, these boxes are usually big enough to fit a person (or two!) inside. Sending these is also o...


THE BEST apps for transportation

They say Tokyo’s train system is one of the most convenient in the world. However, it is also one of the most confusing. In fact, a lot of Japanese also still get confused with the proper trains to ...


Tagalog Mass held in Tokyo

Do you know that in Tokyo there are churches where Tagalog Mass?  According to the Catholic Church Archdiocese of TOKYO, there are four churches that hold Tagalog mass around the vicinity of Tokyo....


Life help Website 003: Japan today

Photo by photo AC This guy appears on TV everyday, what happens with him? You may have like that question because of your Japanese language level. "Japan today", which is a news site, is convenie...


Life help Website 002: Tabelog

Photo by photo AC If you want to find good restaurants, you can use the information site "Tabelog" which is used by Japanese frequently. "Tabe" means to eat, then "log" is an English word "log". I...


Life help Website 001: Japan Transit Planner

Photo by photo AC Many trains are running in the Tokyo area, it is hard for even Japanese people to understand the train route map. Especially it's more hard for foreigners. This website "Japan Tr...