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2022.09.01Barbeque Party

Barbeque party

The Barbeque party held by the Specified Non-Profit Organization (NPO) members on August 22, 2022 in Japan was a very enjoyable socialization event.

One of the greatest experiences in having a barbeque party is that you will have the chance to see everyone that you know and to meet new people as well. The NPO decided to invite all workers, friends, and neighbors. Workers along with the other attendees in the party do not often see one another on a regular basis but on a rare occasion only, yet, everyone made fun being together.

This barbeque party was held simultaneously in different places specifically Tokyo, Tochigi prefecture, and Hyōgo prefecture with more or less thirty participants that had so much to enjoy and cherish from 11:00 am to 4:00pm. Truly everyone just loved being off from work while both eating barbeque and chatting with fellow workers and friends. The holiday feel was more than enough to relax everyone and to recover tired body with the presence of comrades. Kudos to this barbeque party. It has surely made everyone both grateful and joyful.

Setagaya city, Tokyo 

The NPO has succeeded in its purpose to create among its people camaraderie and intimate friendship. The party attendees exchanged stories about their experiences both in Japan and in Philippines on how they did live and work. Surely, they delighted in having someone listen intently to precious stories they might kept in heart. The party did not just fill the stomach but the heart as well with the goodness of friendship.

Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefecture

In addition to inviting those that you know, a backyard barbeque party can give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with new co-workers or acquaintances. Not only will a barbecue event give you the opportunity to meet new people; it may also make those new people feel welcomed.

Sumoto city, Hyōgo prefecture

Barbeque is a food we grew up on, along with grilled chicken and squids, mushroom, onions and corns; but generally a barbeque event means gathering a group of people. Barbeque party is a time to grill meat, chicken, seafood and vegetables; have some drinks while exchanging pleasantries. In Japan, Barbeque party is a reminder of the fun back in the Philippines whereby marinated grilled chicken, meat and fish are feasted on; but in Japan the meat is not marinated. After it is grilled, it is dipped into the sauce or salt is sprinkled on it to taste.

[Febelyn Domingo, writer]