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2022.03.03The Japanese Traditional Setsubun Celebration!

The Setsubun celebration held by the Specified Non-Profit Organization (NPO) members on February 3, 2022 in Japan was a success and created a mutual bond between Japanese and Filipinos.

With all the excitement of the members, the activity started with the characters in proper costumes and this further gave enjoyment to the participants.

The Evil character began teasing and tempting the people around; and the people responded by throwing beans to the Evil character until they frightened him and he went out running. Then, the people celebrated their victory and got ready to eat beans and Ehomaki . The number of beans was the same with their respective years of age. Eating the entire Ehomaki Sushi is believed to bring good luck to the family for the year.

The participants were from Sharecom Utsunomiya(Tochigi), Sharecom Musashishinjo1 (Kanagawa) and Sharecom Sumotomonobe (Hyogo).

Sharecom Utsunomiya(Tochigi)

They gladly interchanged pleasantries after the celebration, thus making their friendship ties stronger.

Sharecom Musashishinjo1 (Kanagawa)

Truly the Setsubun celebration held by the NPO did not only make the participant knowledgeable about the nature of Japanese culture in being fun-filled and family-centered, but also paved the way for Japanese and Filipinos to enjoy better camaraderie.

Sharecom Sumotomonobe (Hyogo)

Kudos to more culture exchanges in the future. We get even more excited and we cannot wait to be together again in another observation of Japanese culture and tradition.


[Febelyn Domingo, writer]