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Consumption Tax Increase starting October 2019

No Filipino would call goods in Japan cheap. A lot of things we can buy in Japan are probably three times as much as anything we can buy in the Philippines. For example, while a cheap lunch in Manil...


Somen: Cool Noodles for Summer

If you’re in the search for food to cool you off during the summer time, your nearest 7-11 just might have a fix for you. Somen is a type of Japanese noodles typically eaten during summer. The noodl...


Hiyashi Chuka Hajimemashita! Chilled Ramen for Summer

Do you love ramen but just can’t stand to eat it during the summer season? Are you looking for filling food that would be refreshing for the heat? Japan has a great answer for this! Try Hiyashi Chuk...


Sensu: The Japanese Abaniko

Japan’s scorching summer temperatures can be very difficult to deal with. Even those who come from tropical/desert countries still find Japan’s summer season unbearable. It’s a good thing the Phili...


Renting a property in Japan

Renting a residential space in Japan is not very easy. First of all, monthly rent is not really cheap. Also, despite the increase of the foreign population, many home-owners still hesitate to rent the...


What is Obon?

Obon is Japan’s main holiday season for summer. It is second in importance only to the New Year’s Holiday season. It usually runs for about a week, and this year it falls on August 10-18. Most Japan...


When will the rainy season finish?

We like to say that the Philippines has only two seasons, namely, summer and stormy/rainy. When I moved to Japan I learned that they have rainy seasons, too, and the one that leads to Japanese summe...


Japanese soul food

Photo by photo AC One of the Japanese foods that many foreigners are surprised would be natto. Have you ever tried it? If you are going to a supermarket, you can find it sold easily because there ...


Spending an hour and a half on the train everyday

Photo by photo AC Don't you think "MANIN DENSHA (Rush hour train)" is too hard? Of course Japanese don't catch it as they like. Housing fee is quite expensive in the city center and it's not fit f...


The Reason why Japanese are standing on the left side

Photo by Akihiro Sawada Have you ever felt uncomfortable in Japanese escalators? When you are in escalators, it's worldwide standard to stand on the right side as same as in the Philippines. Ho...
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