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Spending an hour and a half on the train everyday

Photo by photo AC Don't you think "MANIN DENSHA (Rush hour train)" is too hard? Of course Japanese don't catch it as they like. Housing fee is quite expensive in the city center and it's not fit f...


The Reason why Japanese are standing on the left side

Photo by Akihiro Sawada Have you ever felt uncomfortable in Japanese escalators? When you are in escalators, it's worldwide standard to stand on the right side as same as in the Philippines. Ho...


Long holiday

Photo by photo AC Japan has two long holiday that are Goleden week and OBON. It's around a week each. Basically Golden Week is from April 29th to May 5th. If there is Saturday, Sunday and public ...


What’s the most popular sports in Japan?

Photo by photo AC Speaking of the most popular sports in the Philippines, it is basketball I guess. It's also popular in Japan, but it's not the best. It should be baseball or soccer. In addition...
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