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2019.11.26Let’s go to a Sentou!


Are you looking for a unique Japanese experience? Let me introduce, Sentou.

A Sentou is a type of Japanese communal bathhouse where customers can take a bath by paying an entrance fee. In the past, bathtubs are not typical for a Japanese home, it was normal for people to go a sento on a daily basis. Until now, some people still prefer to use a public bath not just because of the spacious bathtub but also the fun to meet and talk with other customers.

There are a lot of health and beauty benefits a sentou can provide. Bathing at a sentou is very beneficial for the skin, especially in the terms of moisturization. It is also a great way to warm up the body and stay healthy. The hot water can help improve body problems like stiff shoulders.

There are different procedures and manners required in a sentou. For the Japanese, sentous are all about cleanliness and a place to relax. If you are visiting for the first time, make sure that you make a little research about it. If you are the shy-type one, it may be a little bit over the top but take the plunge. This is one unique experience that you won’t forget!

By Monica Tamayao/ Staff Writer