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Japan’s Soul Winter Food

When it comes to winter food, the first thing that comes to mind is oden. When the BER months start, convenience stores and food carts start rolling out these simmering oden pots. Because of its war...


Let’s go to a Sentou!

Are you looking for a unique Japanese experience? Let me introduce, Sentou. A Sentou is a type of Japanese communal bathhouse where customers can take a bath by paying an entrance fee. In the past,...


The new station will be open in spring 2020

The new station, under construction since February of 2017, is scheduled to open tentatively in the spring of 2020 ahead of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games and with full operations beginning...


It’s “Oshiruko” season!!

One of the most popular traditional Japanese dessert is called Oshiruko. It is a sweet porridge of azuki beans boiled and crushed, served as a hot treat or dessert and is usually paired with mochi (...


Winter season must item “Hokkairo”

Usually, the cold weather season begins in mid-November and continues till mid-March. December, January and February are the winter months almost all over Japan, especially in the northern part. So...


Beat the heat : Road to the 2020 Olympics

It was an emotional and momentous moment when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) picked Tokyo over rivals Istanbul and Madrid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics. While the preparations are on-g...


Tapioca Bubble Tea Craze

Have you ever seen these long crazy lines of eager youngsters in front of a store? Or these overwhelming Instagram photos of these colorful drinks with black pearls on the bottom of a vacuum-sealed ...


The Appetite of Autumn : Japanese Fall Foods

When the temperature starts to drop and the leaves start to turn red and gold, the long humid days of Japanese summer give way to autumn. In Japan, Autumn Season is between September to November. Th...


Getting Train Updates Real-Time

Japan, especially Tokyo, is famous for its efficient and punctual train system. People are expected to be on time at work or school due to this reason. However, there are instances in which there c...


What is Residence Tax?

Taxes are an unavoidable expense no matter where we live. In Japan, aside from the familiar income tax, there’s another type that may come as a surprise. This is called the residence tax or the jum...
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