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2021.09.17Nissin launches limited-time Cup Noodle-flavored sodas


TOKYO — Nissin Food Products Co. will launch a limited series of Cup Noodle-flavored sodas to commemorate the famous instant snack’s 50th anniversary.

Nissin Foods is currently accepting online reservations for special sets of four sodas and eight “Umaibo” corn snacks — all Cup Noodle-flavored — with eight servings of noodles for 2,998 yen (about $27). The company said in a Twitter post: “We’ve made Cup Noodle-flavored sodas on the spur of the 50th anniversary. As we’ve recreated the flavors of Cup Noodles, please try them if you’re determined and brave.”

The sodas come in four flavors, including the regular Cup Noodle soda — ginger ale-like with the aroma of soy sauce and pepper — and the Cup Noodle Seafood cream soda, with a subtle seafood taste.

The products will be shipped in order between Sept. 17 and 22. For details, see the official website at (in Japanese).

(Japanese original by Digital News Center)